NewsJun 12, 2019

2019 Salary Guide Released

Analysis Shows Continued Increases in Player Salaries Across Rosters

WASHINGTON -- Today the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) released the 2019 Player Salary Guide, marking the 13th consecutive year of providing salary transparency in Major League Soccer (MLS). This year’s release shows strong growth in player salaries over the past year and continued growth under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed in 2015. The Average Base Salary for Senior Roster Non-Designated Players in MLS reached $345,867 in 2019, up 13.3% over the previous year with double-digit growth across the roster.

“We are encouraged by the continued salary growth that has occurred over each of the last five years. As the League grows and revenues increase, it’s critical that we see this kind of continued investment in player compensation up and down the roster,” said MLSPA Executive Director Bob Foose. “Players are the heart of MLS, and if MLS is to become the league of choice that it aspires to be, it needs to keep pace in an increasingly competitive market for players, both domestic and international. We feel good about these trends, and we expect to see them continue.”

The Salary Guide is released by the MLSPA each year to provide visibility and transparency for both players and fans. The release contains Base Salary and Guaranteed Compensation data for the 690 players under contract as of June 1, 2019.

“As I have believed from the beginning when the Players Association fought to make this data public, access to salary information benefits players through added transparency in the contract market,” said Foose. “Transparency is critical to ensure player performance is properly rewarded.”

This year’s release highlights continued positive trends in player compensation under the current CBA, including a 150% increase in the Average Base Salary over the last five years for Senior Roster Non-Designated Players, from $138,140 in 2014 to $345,867 in 2019.

A League-wide analysis of the new salary data shows salaries for players in roster spots 10 through 18 grew on average more than 10% per year over the last five years. 2019 marks the eighth consecutive year of Average Base Salary increases for Senior Roster Non-Designated Players.

The full 2019 Salary Guide is available for download at