Our Mission

While the world’s game is as popular as ever in the United States, a lack of accessibility and opportunities are major inhibitors to development in the American youth soccer landscape.  The MLSPA is committed to supporting organizations that provide access and growth opportunities for those who can benefit the most from the chance to play soccer.


Our game is a powerful tool for engaging with children from underserved communities, and it provides a safe, supportive environment to learn valuable skills while developing a healthy, active lifestyle.  Acting as an ambassador of the unity and diversity in MLS, Players Promise is dedicated to empowering the people and organizations who are using soccer to impact lasting positive change.

Charitable Contributions

The primary focus of Players Promise is to support organizations that provide soccer-related outreach to low-income or otherwise underserved communities. In particular, we look for organizations in MLS markets that are willing to involve MLS players in their work and for whom our donations will make a clear and tangible impact.

The MLSPA directs half of the total player fines levied by the league throughout the course of each season to the charities of its choice, and jointly directs the other half of the fine money in collaboration with the league. This money, combined with direct contributions from the MLSPA, provides the funds we use to donate to charities that further the Association’s mission of reaching deserving children through soccer.

Partner Organizations


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