NewsAug 30, 2019

MLSPA Celebrates Labor Day

This Labor Day Weekend, players from across Major League Soccer are showing solidarity by changing their profile pictures to the “I Am The MLSPA” Mosaic. The Mosaic is a collection of hundreds of photos of current players demonstrating the strength and unity that exists among all MLSPA members.

Our members come from over 70 countries, speak multiple languages, range widely in background and play for 24 clubs all over the United States and Canada. Off the field, however, they are members of one Players Association, one supportive community, and speak with one unified voice to positively impact the lives of past, current, and future players.

“Across MLS there are players who come from all different backgrounds. We are a diverse group, but we are united in using our voice collectively to make this league better. We are proud to showcase our solidarity on Labor Day.”

- Diego Valeri, Portland Timbers

Ahead of upcoming negotiations with the league and owners on a new CBA, players are committed to working together to secure a deal that takes MLS’s growth to a new level by creating a more fair and competitive league with continued, intelligent investment by the owners. The PA’s strength is in the solidarity of its members, and this holiday weekend their solidarity is on full display.

“Now more than ever players are determined to work together to make real changes to MLS and move the league forward. We’re organized and we’re prepared, and our collective action this Labor Day weekend is our way of showing that.”

- Kendall Waston, FC Cincinnati

We celebrate this Labor Day with unions across the world of sports and workers around the globe, and invite all MLS fans to join us by showing their support for players: all are welcome to share the mosaic and use the hashtag #IAmTheMLSPA.