MLSPA NewsJul 02, 2017

MLS Players Union Statement on Youth Soccer Club Lawsuit

Youth soccer clubs Crossfire, the Dallas Texans and Sockers F.C., yesterday filed a lawsuit against the Players Union, Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, DeAndre Yedlin and potentially hundreds of other professional soccer players. The lawsuit seeks to prevent the players from defending themselves against the youth clubs' attempt to seek payments when players sign professional contracts. The Players Union issued the following statement in response to this suit:

"It is unfortunate and sad that these supposedly non-profit organizations have chosen to sue us," said Dan Kennedy, a member of the Players Union's Executive Board. "The Players Union is the players' organization, and this lawsuit is frivolous and untimely."

"The FIFA system that these clubs are seeking to exploit would be immensely damaging to the development of soccer in the United States. By filing this lawsuit against all players even before FIFA or U.S. Soccer has acted, these youth clubs have revealed their true colors. Their focus appears not to be on the development of players, but instead on ensuring themselves a piece of the action when a player makes it professionally. Parents should take notice. We will aggressively defend ourselves, our members and all players against this baseless suit," said Bob Foose, Executive Director of the Players Union.

Ethan Finlay, another member of the Players Union's Board, added: "the youth clubs that filed this suit against us are well compensated for the services that they provide to children under the terms that the clubs themselves set and agree upon. It's absurd that they would try to shake down the very few players who come through their ranks and go on to play professionally. It is a shame that they have chosen to go this route."