NewsMay 31, 2023

MLS Players Association Announces Dr. Samantha Sanderson Brown as Assistant Medical Director for Player Wellness

The Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) today announced that Dr. Samantha Sanderson Brown (Psy. D.) has been named Assistant Medical Director for Player Wellness. In her new role Dr. Sanderson Brown will work closely with MLSPA Medical Director Dr. Sidney Hinds across all facets of health and wellness on behalf of MLS players.

Dr. Sanderson Brown is a clinical and sport psychologist who brings with her 10 years of professional experience working with athletes and a lifetime of involvement in sport culture. A former Division I soccer player, Dr. Sanderson Brown specializes in working with professional and amateur athletes to enhance overall wellness and provide support during injury recovery and transition from sport.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with the MLSPA and its members to prioritize mental health and ensure that players have access to the resources and support they need, " said Dr. Sanderson Brown. “I am excited to be part of an organization that understands emotional wellness is just as vital as physical health for athletes' overall performance and happiness. In my role I will be committed to promoting open dialogue around emotional health, destigmatizing mental health difficulties, and encouraging help-seeking behavior. By creating a safe and supportive environment where players feel comfortable talking about how they are doing and engaging in care when needed, we will help them improve their lives on and off the field.”

Dr. Sanderson Brown’s primary focus with the MLSPA will be to advocate for the best interests of players’ mental health and well-being. This includes ensuring policies align with and address the psychological needs of the player pool and serving as the MLSPA representative on applicable committees and councils. Additionally, she will assist the MLSPA in creating initiatives and programs that support athletes on topics such as career transitions, injury recovery, and brain health.

“The addition of Dr. Sanderson Brown to our organization is another integral step towards ensuring that the MLSPA continues to be best equipped to advocate for and protect our players,” said Executive Director Bob Foose. “We are thrilled to have her come on board, and are confident that her expertise will greatly benefit our membership, no matter what phase of their career they are in.”