Bob Foose

Executive Director

Bob Foose is the Executive Director of the Major League Soccer Players Association, a role he has filled since the PA’s formation in 2003. During his tenure as Executive Director, the PA has successfully negotiated four Collective Bargaining Agreements that substantially broadened player rights and compensation, with the establishment and expansion of overall league salary spends, minimum salaries, bonuses, free agency, retirement benefits, a grievance and arbitration system, group licensing and the protection of player rights under the workers compensation system. During this time the budget and staff of the PA have each more than quadrupled and the PA has maintained near 100% membership among MLS players.

Prior to the formation of the PA, Bob worked as a transactional attorney in private practice and a partner and investor in a range of start-up businesses. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University in 1990 and earned his JD from Georgetown University Law Center in 1994.