Megan Fontenot

Player Programs Manager

Megan Fontenot serves as the Career Development Coordinator at MLSPA. In this role, she assist players with their off-the-pitch development by providing courses, programs and other opportunities, that are focused on leveraging your status as a player in a long-term sustainable way. Programs topics include, but are not limited to; financial education, continuing education and obtaining coaching licenses.

Prior to joining the MLSPA, Megan was the Team Operations Intern at the Memphis Grizzlies, where she performed a full spectrum of task that were designed to support players (and their families) before, after and beyond their NBA experience.This included, helping in the concept development and logistics of department programs that related to transition assistance, career development, continuing education and personal enhancement.

After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in physical culture and sport, Megan served as the Communications Intern for the Orlando Magic (2016-2017) and USA Basketball (2015).