The MLS Players Association, formerly known as the MLS Players Union, has completed a rebranding effort that includes a new tagline and updated logo in addition to the name change.

The change from Players Union to Players Association does not signify a change in the core mission of the organization. Rather, it is a move that reflects a broadening of scope and a recommitment of the membership to the mission.

“The name change is a move to more closely align our organization with the other player associations and an opportunity to signal the period of growth we are experiencing,” says Bob Foose, Executive Director of the MLSPA, “But it doesn’t change who we are intrinsically. We are still a labor union and the core of our mission is still the representation of the players.”

The new logo was designed in an effort to pay homage to the past while moving the Players Association into the future. The key central element, carried over from the previous logo, is the interlocking arms of the players, demonstrating the unity and brotherhood that is vital to the organization’s success. In the updated mark, that idea is transformed into a more modern and minimalist design that retains the core meaning and nods to the game of soccer.

“It was important that the update of the logo was treated as an evolution rather than a stark change,” says Nic

Darling, the MLSPA’s Director of Digital Strategy, “We wanted it to be clear that the organization is growing and expanding our capabilities and strength while at the same time affirming our commitment to the central mission we have had from day one.”

In addition to the updated visuals, the rebranding effort sought to distill some of the core values that the Players Association has always held. The three pillars of the brand include unifying the players, amplifying influence and building legacy. These elements of the mission all support the central brand promise and new tagline – “Voice of the Players”.

The PA created a video to tell the story of the rebrand process. The piece features the voices of the MLSPA staff, board members of the organization and the designers. It provides an insight into the new brand and into the strength and commitment of the organization it was designed to represent.