New Tentative CBA Agreement Reached with MLS

Our primary responsibility is the negotiation and enforcement of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Since our founding in 2003, there have been four CBAs that have each substantially improved the position of the players and the working conditions in the league.

The new five-year CBA commences with the beginning of the 2020 season and runs through January 2025. Under the historic deal, free agency rights will increase dramatically while the percentage of eligible players more than doubles. Salary budgets and player compensation will experience steady growth that by the end of the deal will take the average salary over $500,000 and the senior minimum salary over $100,000. Additionally, owners will continue to invest in players on and off the field. For the first time in league history, the CBA includes mandatory charter legs for team travel that grow incrementally during the term of the agreement.

Noteworthy Changes

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